Weight Loss: Common Exercise And Dietary Precautions And Precautions You Must Remember

Losing weight is not very good, it is the sum of several factors. Some people are fortunate to have a good metabolism. No matter what they eat, their bodies can burn them. So, some people even drop a kilogram due to their health or medication in progress, it is a daunting task. In most cases, excessive weight gain is mainly due to inadequate diet and lifestyle choices. Mild to moderate exercise is a key part of losing weight. If done correctly, exercise can improve your physical condition, body movements, joint strength and more. Experts say that when people exercise, they often make small mistakes in body posture and can even damage health.
Aashash Chaudhry, general manager and plastic surgeon of the Hospital of Superior Specialists Aakash Healthcare, pointed out some errors:

1. Let the knees bend: this can cause knee injuries due to compression of the knees, usually during weightlifting exercises, such as squats. The knees should be bent outward to avoid stress. At the same time, grasp the lateral muscles of the buttocks to prevent the knees from buckling under the weight.

2. Raise the elbow too high during the bench press: This will press the shoulder and cause injuries. This also hinders exercise because the bar has to travel longer distances. It is best to place the elbows near the chest to relieve shoulder pressure and improve the chest and triceps.

3. Take a small step in the lungs: this places the knee in front of the front foot and puts pressure on the knee. You must take a larger step and push your heel towards the ground to make sure that your knees do not move towards your heel.

Running on your heels: it’s easy to get tired. It also causes your ankles, knees and hips to swing and become pieces of the jaw bone, knee pain and other injuries to the legs over time. It is best to run with the feet to absorb the impact.

5. Bad neck position: when doing squats, push-ups or deadlifts, people tend to look down or forward. This deforms the cervical spine. It is best to move the neck, point down, make a double chin and keep it crouched.

Archana, coach, Anytime Fitness, listed some suggestions:

1. Make sure you eat a light breakfast half an hour before exercise, since an empty stomach can make you feel dizzy and drowsy.

2. Stretch and warm up before exercising to avoid injury.

3. During the exercise, it is recommended to lift the weight only under the coach’s guidance.The exercise must be limited depending on the skill. Excessive self-application can cause more harm than good.

4. After the exercise, it is recommended to warm up and stretch. Here are some common feeding errors:

1. Not all fat is bad: Excluding any food group would be a big mistake. Fat is vital for the function of the body. A balanced diet is the key to losing weight. Add delicious fats like cheese, avocado and ghee to your diet.

2. Try to eat 90% of the food at home: it is difficult to resist the temptation when it comes out. Try to eat most of the food at home. Because family foods are not only made of high quality ingredients, they can also track the size of your portion.

3. Eat fruit with juice: it is always a good idea to eat fruit instead of juice. The fruit is full of fiber. Extracting juice can cause it to lose fiber.

4. Do not skip breakfast: breakfast literally means “break” “fast”. This is your first meal after eight hours of sleep, therefore, it plays an important role in your metabolic rate. And this time, you are not alone to watch McGregor vs Khabib UFC 229 fight live online over the world. So why are you wait for it? Not having breakfast can make you even more carnival later in the day. Make sure your breakfast is rich in protein and fiber so you can eat before lunch.

5. Keep a partial control: eat everything except the smallest. Make the best use of what you eat. Increase the amount of nutritious food on the plate, such as vegetables or dal, and reduce the dessert by half.

Pay attention to these tips and lose weight in a healthy way.